My Andy Warhol Photogallery
 Bruce Torbet
Documentary film maker filming warhol and richard ekstract. warhol discussed the trade of paintings for the use of equipment
 Joe Simon
Submission documents to the Warhol Authentication Board
 Ronald Feldman
Commissioned and published tens of thousands of warhol prints, owned myandywarhol his letter to the board
 Billy Name
Excerpts from Billy Names emails regarding the authentication board. Photographer and assistant Billy Name lived in Warhol's factory for most of the 1960's
 Norman Lassiter
Outside screener and printer responsible for thousands of Andy Warhol paintings and prints
 Michael Kohn
Letters from the Warhol estate and Foundation offering to buy back his painting from the double denied series, with Vincent Fremont writing that he will deal with myandywarhol
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