My Andy Warhol Photogallery
 John Richardsons
Art historian, author. Vanity Fair letter to board
 Paul Morrissey
Warhol's manager from 1965. Director, writer and producer of Warhol's films. On a tape supplied by the Warhol museum, Warhol authorizing Morrissey to make a deal with Ekstract regarding the video equipment.
 Sam Green
Evidence letter, curator of warhol's first retrospective and wrote that warhol showed him double denied and he rejected it for the retrospective
 Jean Paul Russell
Great letter about warhol's working methods to the board
 Ronnie Cutrone
Worked with warhol for nearly 20 years, letter to the board about the authenticity of myandywarhol
 Michael Hue Williams
Invoice for painting
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