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A World without Warhols
By Charlie Finch


A few years after Andy died in 1987, whispers abounded that, if you visited a certain tavern in Hell’s Kitchen and asked the right bartender, you could purchase one of the silkscreens that Rupert Smith used to create many late Warhols, get your own squeegee and make "Andys" yourself. Allegedly Smith, dying of AIDS, felt embittered by his treatment by Warhol’s minions and sought revenge.

Art owner alleges Andy Warhol estate conspiracy to control art market

International Herald

The owner of a silkscreen self-portrait of Andy Warhol sued the late artist's estate on Monday, saying it conspired for 20 years to control the market for Warhol's work with authority to stamp "DENIED" on any work it claimed was fake. In a $20 million (€14.51 million) lawsuit in U.S.

Andy Warhol's famous Brillo Boxes
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Aug 2007

The Swedish daily paper Expressen has uncovered in a series of articles that some of Andy Warhol's famous Brillo Boxes are most likely fakes and were manufactured in the year 1990, three years after the death of the artist.

Making art work
Mike Smith studio
ed Patsy Craig

Conceptualize this. You fancy yourself as a Young British Artist. You’re sitting in a pub and you've just had this great idea (hic!) for a site-specific installation. You're gonna cover Nelson's Column with a giant condom! Yeah, what a statement. So you scribble it on the back of a fag packet and nest morning you think, er, how am I going to make that? Then you remember.

Spot the Warhol
By Andrew Renton

ANDY Warhol must be chuckling in his grave over a report in Vanity Fair that as many as one in six Warhol works is a fake. According to the report, works that Warhol "discussed or produced in the company of Factory assistants have been denied, despite multiple affidavits from those assistants". New York is bracing itself for a Warhol washout at next week's sales after a two-year price boom that has seen as much as 4 million change hands for a wallsized Warhol canvas.

Parton Portrait:
is it Andy's?
The New York Post 2006

A KITSCHY Andy Warhol portrait of Dolly Parton expected to fetch up to $1.5 million last week at Sotheby's didn't sell - and a talented Warhol copycat claims maybe the reason is that the work isn't really by Warhol.

Collectors insist 'our Warhols are genuine'
By Catherine Milner

More than 20 art dealers and collectors are preparing to sue the board that oversees Andy Warhol's $700 million (£413 million) legacy over allegations that it is deliberately refusing to verify genuine works by the artist.

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