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Art market guide
by Richard Polsky


As most art world aficionados now know, the November issue of Vanity Fair features a major article, by Michael Shnayerson, on the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board. The gist of the article is about the committee's all-powerful yet mysterious ways.

Make It Real
(Or Just Forget About It)
by Richard Lacayo

Time magazine

Make It Real (Or Just Forget About It) We're having a big week in the art attribution field.

The art trade is the last unregulated market
by Marc Spiegler

For the last few years, the media have trumpeted contemporary art as the hottest new investment. At fairs, auction houses and galleries, an influx of new buyers—many of them from the world of finance—have streamed in.

Andy Warhol Authentication Board rejects claims of impropriety
by Jason Edward Kaufman

The Artnewspaper
The Andy Warhol Authentication Board issued a statement last month in response to The Art Newspaper Is front page lead in the October issue (No.140, pp.1,4). We reported allegations made by collectors and dealers that the four-member panel is rejecting genuine works by the artist and refusing to make public the reasons for those decisions. The boardIs statement reaffirms its practices and gives no indiction that any modification of procedure is being discussed. At the centre of the dispute is a series of silk-screen self-portraits produced without the artistIs immediate supervision. In 1964, Warhol loaned acetates of his photographic self-portrait to magazine publisher Richard Ekstract and allowed him to find printers to construct silk screens and print an unspecified number of paintings.
Warhol Board Challenged
by Jason Edward Kaufman

The Artnewspaper

Paul Warhola
By Catherine Milner

Sunday Telegraph magazine

Next month, Paul Warhola, Andy Warhol's brother is selling off his equivalent to the family silver. He is hoping to swell his family's coffers by more than $3.5 million by selling some

Art historians appointed

By Jason Edward Kaufman

Andy Warhol’s self-portrait: many of his works defy easy authentication.

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