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Judging Andy
By Michael Shnayerson

Excerpts from Vanity Fair

Signed by the artist, certified by his estate - it’s got to be an original Andy Warhol, right? Not unless the Warhol authentication board says so. But dealers and collectors are crying foul over the four-member board’s perplexing verdicts, which have turned high-priced art into wall decoration.

Trust me it’s a fake
by Pierre Valentin

Head of the Art & Cultural
Assets Group at Withers LLP London

Authenticating Andy
By Kelly Devine Thomas


Seventeen years after Andy Warhol’s death, controversies surrounding the Warhol Art Authentication Board and the Catalogue raisonné of his work reflect confusion about his intent, his working methods, and his legacy.
Andy Warhol was the most successful and famous American artist of the 20th century. His signature images - the Jackies, Elvises, and Marilyns - are as familiar to us as the Mona Lisa. His pictures sell for millions, and he is represented in virtually every public and private collection of contemporary art in the world.

Reviews of the BBC Imagine Warhol Denied
Challenging the gatekeepers, Artnewspaper

Alan Yentob shines a revealing light on the secretive world of the Warhol Authentication Board imagine... Andy Warhol: denied is an important television expose of a situation first revealed in October 2003 by The Art Newspaper...

Reviews of the BBC Imagine Warhol Denied
Telegraph by Richard Dorment

Is Authenticatication a Game of Monopoly?
By Kate Taylor

New York - Sun Oct 2007

Few art historical issues are as contentious, or have as dramatic and immediate effects in the marketplace, as those of attribution and authentication.

This is not by me
by Henry Lydiate

The Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board's denied authentication of works that many have otherwise taken to be by Andy Warhol has been in the news since the winter of 2003 when the collector Joe Simon first went public on the board's denial of a silkscreen painting that he had bought for $195,000 as an investment in 1988, within a year of Warhol's death.

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